Absolute support, extensive awareness, enlightenment and advocate for those living with Vitiligo, for their Rights and well-being
Active Vitiligo Support in Africa

WALK IN OUR SHOES Weekend campaign - Tattoos - VITSAF World Vitiligo Day 2016

June 24 - 26 is our "WALK IN OUR SHOES" event to increase awareness and raise funds to treat and understand Vitiligo.

Wearing the temporal 3D Vitiligo Tattoo communicates your solidarity with those who have to deal with the condition every day of their lives.

Millions of people all over the world suffer with the effects of Vitiligo. It can limit job possibilities and acceptance by friends and groups.

Please ask all your friends, family, and co-workers to join us in this important campaign to help.

Get YOUR 3D Temp Tattoos NOW!

Get some for yourself and more for friends. And thank you for your understanding, concern, and invaluable support!

We are also urging people to share “How I Feel” experiences in images, videos, music, dance, illustrations, and other expressions via social media and websites.

Use the hashtag #howIfeelvitiligo.

Do you know someone living with Vitiligo? Are you friends or relative of someone living with Vitiligo?

Please identify with us,
Wear and Walk in my shoes.
Wear and Walk in her shoes.
Wear and Walk in his shoes.
Wear and Walk in our shoes.
Wear and Walk with us as we create awareness and enlightenment.

We appreciate you, Grateful and honored to have you 'Walk in our Shoes'.

One tattoo costs N250.00, $1, #1...
If you do not live in Nigeria or want further details, please
Email -vitsupng@gmail.com
Phone +234702 516 5280
Whatsapp +234702 516 5280, +234806 363 8030