Absolute support, extensive awareness, enlightenment and advocate for those living with Vitiligo, for their Rights and well-being
Active Vitiligo Support in Africa

VITSAF Support Groups

VITSAF Vitiligo Support Groups (VVSG) are made up of local Vitiligo Patients, concerned and interested Dermatologists, other Professionals such as e.g. Psychologists, Skin camouflage consultants, Image Consultants dedicated towards improving the Quality of Life of Vitiligo Patients in Nigeria and within Sub-Saharan Africa.

We intend to have three active VVSG in Nigerian Nation in addition to our active online Support groups, one in each West African States while inspiring and technically supporting creation and inauguration of Vitiligo Support Groups/Organisation within Sub-Saharan Africa as need arises in other parts of Africa.

We aim to:

  • Meet on a quarterly basis
  • Raise funds for Vitiligo awareness/enlightenment and programs in our localities and for the foundation;
  • Educate & support each other about Vitiligo and create a better understanding of the condition;
  • Create awareness and enlightenment campaign on Vitiligo in our different localities.

VITSAF Vitiligo Support Groups

VITSAF Vitiligo Support Groups (VVSG) is decentralized, this is to enable effective running of the Support groups. VVSG raise their funds, organizes their programs and events under the supervision and approval of VITSAF.

Our active VITSAF Vitiligo Support Groups (VVSG) are as state: