Absolute support, extensive awareness, enlightenment and advocate for those living with Vitiligo, for their Rights and well-being
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VITSAF Membership

Dear Friends:

During the past year we have been working on significant changes and projects within the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation. We believe these changes will provide you with enhanced services such as the needed support, more current information on Vitiligo, availability of Vitiligo Lifestyle Products, Care for Appearance and Disfigurement, information for understanding Autoimmune disorder. Access to Database of helpful professionals for individuals living with Vitiligo and the appearance challenged online and offline.

  • We are once again an independent not-for-profit organization. Please note our contacts in different regions and areas (Nigeria – Lagos & Abuja, Ghana and Senegal ) address, phone, and email on Our Contact Us page.
  • Our Skin of Color and appearance newsletter is being published bi-annually and our website will be more frequently updated to keep you up to date on the latest information. Because of continuing increases in mailing costs, the newsletter will be available online if desired, sent to members by email as soon as it is published or can be downloaded from our website. The printed version will be available for anyone to pick up and for those who subscribed through courier services.

VITSAF Goals include:

  • Greater efforts to increase Vitiligo public awareness and education through entertainment education.
  • VITSAF Sub-Saharan Africa Vitiligo extensive Awareness and Enlightenment Project
  • Our women Focused Programs
    • Care for Appearance Matters and Confidence Building
    • Economic empowerment for women living with Vitiligo and appearance challenges
  • We will continue to work most importantly with Vitiligo Research Foundation (VRF), our partners, our supporters and .Others include National Vitiligo Foundation Inc (NVFI), , the Nigerian Association of Dermatologists, Clinuvel Pharmacy, Vitiligo Friends and other relevant organisations.
  • All our efforts are for you, our members, so your input is extremely important to us. Please write or email us if there are additional items or features you would like to see in the newsletter or on the website.

Other Benefits of being our Financial Member

  • An opportunity to be part of this great organisation
  • An opportunity to empower and impact lives positively
  • Enjoy and be part of our funded programs at a huge discount or no cost at all (we have so much we are planning which includes Entrepreneurial training’s with much support, Int’l workshops, information sharing etc…)
  • There will be a “Members Only” section on our website with Special features such as interviews with the leading experts, on both the physical and psychological experts on Vitiligo as well as online counseling and support.
  • Conferences
  • Free helpful products (as we receive such gifts)
  • Our services and products will be offered to all financial members at a 10% discount, (Terms and conditions apply).

Please, it is your registration fees and donations that will help keep us aliveto continue strivingfor all we want to do and achieve for us, especially support for the distressed and extensive Vitiligo education, awareness and enlightenment and also support for alternative research that will someday lead to better treatment.

Our Basic annual membership fee is N5,000 or $30. Please consider registering with more than that amount, we will appreciate.

We hope that you will continue your support to us and please consider making a donation above the Basic Membership level.

There is no way we can thank you enough for your Support and encouragement.

Ogo Maduewesi
Founder/Executive Director