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Welcome to the Africa Vitiligo Conference

Dear Friends and stakeholders,

It is our very great pleasure to invite you to the Africa Vitiligo Conference that will be held at Jibowu, mainland city of Lagos.

Africa Vitiligo Conference Announcement

This is the first Africa Vitiligo Conference, entitled "What's new? Where does Africa stand? VITSAF has taken a lead in the vitiligo community to organize this conference and help individuals living with vitiligo across Africa. Keynote lectures on vitiligo treatment and experience will be delivered by Prof Torello Lotti, MD (Italy), and Mr Lee Thomas (USA). All participants will have equal speaking rights so that the conversations can be as fruitful and enriching as possible.

The objectives of the African Vitiligo Conference (AVC) are:

  • To draw attention to the condition;
  • To provide a forum for African researchers and others from around the World to exchange experiences, promote global exchange of good practices and strengthen cooperation in this field.
  • To provide those living with Vitiligo with guidance on managing and living with their condition.
  • To build the capacity of the vitiligo support groups, health sector representatives, NGOS in Africa to enable support for health care needs of the affected regardless of socio-economic situations.
  • To raise the profile of psychological and psychosocial impact of Vitiligo and skin imperfections on affected persons, amongst both health sector and the general public.

This AVC will explore what treatments are currently available in Africa and discuss the validity and the efficacy of treatments. To date, there is no full therapeutic solution to vitiligo, but there are some treatments that induce good results in patients (such variety of medication is non-existent in Africa presently). The goal is to enable people of all abilities to achieve their potential to contribute to their broader community. Where new technologies are changing delivery we look to patients, physicians, naturopaths, researchers, the pharmaceutical industry and others and seek to engage them in an active way that will ultimately provide patients with improved management, treatment, self-help, research and satisfaction.

Moreover, vitiligo patients in Africa will have the opportunity to assume an active role in participating and encouraging present and future research. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and understand the new developments in vitiligo treatment and what's presently going on in the world of vitiligo research and studies, both clinical and otherwise, to find a solution/treatment to vitiligo. Individuals living with vitiligo and skin imperfections, dermatologists and physicians, naturopaths, researchers, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and others from all over Africa and other continents will gather in Lagos for this conference.

Join us in Lagos for what promises to be a revealing, inspiring and unfolding event in the life of all vitiligo and skin imperfection stakeholders!