Absolute support, extensive awareness, enlightenment and advocate for those living with Vitiligo, for their Rights and well-being
Active Vitiligo Support in Africa

Board of Trustees and Advisors

Ogo Maduewesi
Executive Director

Ogo Maduewesi is an Ashoka fellow, Social entrepreneur, Blogger and aspiring writer. She is the founder and pioneer of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF), the first Vitiligo patient-driven organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Diagnosed with Vitligo, a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause, Ogo has gone through the various stages of the condition, including the intangible effects it brings on the patient, especially the loss of self-confidence. Living to tell the tale, she lives to serve like-minded people like her who are going through the same situation, and educate them on how to overcome these struggles.

An advocate passionate about empowering young girls (primarily in the Eastern Nigeria) for Positive self-image and helping women entrepreneurs get their businesses online. Ogo overcame her condition through practicing her very own ‘Positive Self-image’ mindset, which she has incorporated into her initiative under her social enterprise.

A positive self-image enthusiast, Ogo has also founded Ogo Maduewesi Naturals (a Social enterprise) – an initiative focused on promoting Natural health, Natural Skincare through totally Natural products (inspiring Chemical free living). Ogo gets to practice her digital media skills here too - creating and updating her own blog, ecommerce, educating people around the world with knowledge about Natural Living.

Ms. Maduewesi’s possesses Certificates in:

  • Using Media for Development 2014 from Radio Netherlands Training Center RNTC
  • Advocacy and Citizen Engagement from Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University Canada(2013),
  • Good Governance and Social Accountability from Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University Canada(2013),
    1. Social Sector Management (2011) and
    2. Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (2008) both from Enterprise Development Center of PanAtlantic University Lagos.

Ogo’s graduate courses include:

  • PGD in Financial Management from University of Ado Ekiti and
  • Higher National Diploma HND in Business Administration and Management from Rivers State Polytechnic.

Some of Honors & Awards includes:

  • TechWomen Emerging leader 2014
  • Architects of the Future Award, 2013 • Dec 12 2012 – NonProfit Leadership and Excellence Award (Health and Gender Category, Africa Social
  • Ashoka Fellow - April, 2012
  • Nov 5th 2011 – Indulge WELLNESS Award (in category of Self Esteem and Self Confidence)
  • June 15th 2011 - Enterprise Challenge 100 Award (Celebrating IBM 100years)

(Mrs.) O. A. George
Pharmaceutical Adviser

Mrs. Olubukunola (Bukky) George is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Health Plus Pharmacy. She is a Registered Pharmacist with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. She has an MBA specializing in Marketing. In 2005, she attended the Owner Manager Programme at the Lagos Business School. She is presently a PhD student of Natural Health in the USA.

Mrs. George has over 15 years professional experience which includes the Pharmaceutical Industry (Quality Control, Production, Sales and Marketing) and Hospital Pharmacy, but her real passion is in Community Pharmacy. She worked at UK’s landmark Pharmacy; John Bell & Croyden and managed a branch of Lloyd’s Pharmacy, also in the UK.

Health Plus Pharmacy started in April 1999, as a small retail pharmacy in G.R.A. Ikeja. Over the past nine years, the business has grown phenomenally to five strategic branches and a corporate headquarters.

The mission of Health Plus is to help people achieve *Optimum Health and Vitality* and its vision is to be *The Pharmacy of Choice in Nigeria*.

Mrs. George’s strengths include: a strong academic foundation, a passion for excellence, a knack for selling, a determination to raise the standards in retail pharmacy practice. She has an eye for detail, plenty of energy, a can- do’ attitude and is a great organizer. She is absolutely devoted to continuous learning especially topics on business skills and personal development. At Health Plus, Mrs. George is responsible for Business Development and Training.

Mrs. George is a volunteer mentor for The Fate Foundation, an NGO for budding entrepreneurs. She is also a motivational speaker for small business owners and university students. Mrs. George believes that everyone has the potential to be great. Her advice is to start small, start with whatever you already have, take the first steps and God will orchestrate the rest for your success and to His glory.

Prof. Edith Nkechi Nnoruka
Medical Adviser

Passed on to glory, 24th April 2010

Prof (MRS) Edith Nkechi Nnoruka is a seasoned Consultant Physician/Dermo-Venereologist at College of Medicine, UNTH Enugu. She is a Professor of Dermato-venereology, Part-time Consultant Dermato-Venereologist, Park Lane Specialist Hospital, Enugu.

She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD), a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. She has a Masters in Clinical Dermatology of the University of London, with Bachelors of Medicine and surgery of the University of Nigeria.

She has contributed immensely to Dermatology in African and the Dermatology Department and college of Medicine, to the country and to knowledge through research. She is a Professional (Medical) consultant to Bodies and organizations such as:

  • WHO/TDR (Clinical Monitor),
  • USAID (Family Health International), and
  • APOC/WHO (Onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis).

Prof. E. N. Nnoruka has well over 30 publications in renowned Journals of Dermatology (both International and National Journals) and chapters in books such as Skin of Color.

Barr. Ike Okafor
Legal Adviser

Barr. Ike Okafor is a legal adviser, passionate about supporting persons living with Vitiligo to live positively.