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Active Vitiligo Support in Africa

Vitiligo Handbooks

VITSAF has been able to republish a series of handbooks to help with the broader understanding of vitiligo. You can view these here:

  • A handbook for parents
    Parents are concerned about their child’s health and happiness. Certainly, learning that your child has vitiligo has raised some questions in your mind. Many of these questions can be answered by your doctor. You should feel free to ask the people who are treating your child any questions about vitiligo. The better informed you are, the better able you will be able to help your child deal with vitiligo.
  • A handbook for physicians
    Physicians may be unaware that a disease like vitiligo which is not “serious” by medical standards can have serious psychic consequences. Although vitiligo is not painful or life-threatening, it may negatively affect the patient’s quality of life by occasioning a great deal of emotional pain. Familiarity with vitiligo and its psychosocial consequences can help you treat your patients more effectively.
  • A handbook for schools
    Teachers should know about the condition, its impact upon victims, and ways of helping those who have the disorder. As a teacher, you are dealing on a daily basis with children in their formative years. Self-esteem and a sense of personal efficacy can flourish or wither during this period.