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A Ghanaian Journalist's Documentary on Vitiligo

July 26, 2014
A Ghanaian Journalist's Documentary on Vitiligo covering Heikeens Enam

A must-watch documentary on Vitiligo by a journalist from Ghana featuring Heikeens Enam living with Vitiligo. A Two-Part documentary walks through some deep, realistic and finer aspects and facts of Vitiligo and those living with this condition.

Debut Video Productions for Vitiligo Awareness and Enlightenment in Africa

VITSAF's one major goal is to achieve extensive Vitiligo awareness and enlightenment amongst the general public and medical community in Africa and beyond. This we have started delivering thus our debut video productions. Our main approach to this is through entertainment.

D Productions:

More to Life - A Documentary on Vitiligo (online version to be uploaded soon), contact us on vitsupng@gmail.com for a copy if you are willing to help us in publicizing Vitiligo Awareness

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February 16, 2011

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