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Chukwuemeka's story like story of every brother and sister living with Vitiligo

Myself Chukwuemeka Chibo, from Abia State, my story like every one of my brother and sister living with the condition is still that of stigmatization especially in public work place, my picture as a small child (first from the right) shows that I was not born with it, until when I was in primary5.

Sharing the peak of my distressful and stigmatised days with Vitiligo!!!

I remember a fateful day I walked into a Business Centre @ Ilupeju to photocopy my CV and seated there was one overzealous man whom after staring at me for a while walked up to me rubbing my face and asking with very annoying laugh, what is this little girl? I was so surprised, embarrassed, insulted and amazed that I asked him, do you have to touch me to ask that.

Tijani's Story

Life’s beauty is hidden so deep that the eyes of man must strain to see them. Life is just a series of events, the outcome lies in our hands.


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