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VITSAF World Vitiligo Day 2016 - WALK IN OUR SHOES Weekend campaign

May 25, 2016
VITSAF World Vitiligo Day 2016 program

You Can Be Instrumental in Raising Awareness of Vitiligo

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Vitiligo is a little understood skin condition that afflicts people worldwide. It causes white patches on the skin. It is not communicable.

June 24 - 26 is our "WALK IN OUR SHOES" event to increase awareness and raise funds to treat and understand Vitiligo.

World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2014, Ghana

July 26, 2014
World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2014, Ghana

With great help and support from Heikeens Enam, Ghana presented an amazing event of 2014 World Vitiligo Day - June 25th. Excellent co-ordination and all the hardwork from Heikeens Enam in Ghana for the event worked through with our dear VITSAF Vitiligo Support Ghana Coordinator Love Violet is not physically present, but technologically present....thats the spirit. Thank you ladies and a big thank you to all of you that came to help drive the awareness home

World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2014 Abuja Nigeria

July 26, 2014
World Vitiligo Day, 25 June, 2014, Abuja Nigeria

Abuja marked World Vitiligo Day - June 25th 2014 in great style, spirit and fun. This was a great event organized by VITSAF Support group Abuja, Nigeria. This is the 3rd year marking and been coordinated by our dear own beautiful Kwayirya Achana Yaro and friends. Thanks so much Yirya and to your friends, we appreciate you.


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