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Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage helps to alleviate the psychological, physical and social effects that an altered image can have on someone’s life by the simple application of specialised skin camouflage products.

“What is the difference between Skin Camouflage and Normal Makeup?”
Skin Camouflage Creams and products contain much more pigment to the average cosmetic concealer or foundation. This is so that the product can provide the best coverage possible and cover and conceal a whole variety of skin conditions that normal makeup would struggle to hide. These skin conditions include Vitiligo, Rosacea, Acne, Psoriasis, Birthmarks, Scars, Pigmentation Marks and even Tattoos. Skin camouflage was actually developed by plastic surgeons during World War II.

Skin conditions can be devastating and psychologically damaging to men, women and children, irrespective of age, nationality and religion. Children and babies can be best advised by their physician if Skin camouflage is to be considered.

Having an unusual appearance can be particularly difficult in a society that places a strong emphasis on physical appearance, and one in which we are constantly exposed to images of the idealised 'perfect’ body and face. The psychological implications for people with visual differences can be immense. Contrary to common assumptions, the degree of distress is not related to the extent of the disfigurement (Rumsey 2001).
Typical problems include reduced self-esteem and psychological well being, increased depression and self-consciousness, difficulty getting and staying on a job, difficulty with social interactions and employing effective coping strategies, body image concerns and a detrimental impact upon quality of life. Furthermore, people with an altered appearance may suffer from bullying and discrimination. Lansdown et al 1997.

Employing effective coping strategies which includes Skin Camouflage, Self-love, self-Acceptance and other self-help guides can be a big helpful option to these challenges.

Skin Camouflage creams are often highly pigmented which is designed to visually improve skin discolorations and visible differences whether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin.

Demonstration of Skin Camouflage by
makeup artist - Bayo Haastrup

The concept of covering up the patches with skin camouflage creams/products after matching the colour tone is novel. It provides a boost for one’s confidence while presenting oneself in day-to-day activities or on special occasions like attending parties, marriages etc.

Most of these camouflages are time tested and do not cause any reaction or side effects on the delicate skin of person having Vitiligo. The Fixing Powder which most of them come with helps to blend the colour to surrounding skin and makes it stable. Some Camouflage creams are waterproof while some stays for 7-8 hours and can be touched up if needed.

We work towards having camouflage makeup creams/products and also trainings at our center soon. We appeal for your prayers and Support.

This method of camouflage, helps many people regain their confidence, and really boosts their morale and willingness to continue with life, especially if the facial region or hands have been affected. Using the correct blend of colours as well technique in applying pigments into the skin, a realistic end result can be obtained.Treatments of this kind, require a local anastetic, and can take from 1hour depending on the treatment required; The cost of this cannot be ascertained locally yet. Dr. Adekunle George