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Study and Confidence Building Workshop : January, 2013

The Study ‘Experience of living with Vitiligo in Nigeria’ was conducted in January, 2013 by Dr. Andrew Thompson and Nick Taylor both of Sheffield University UK with the assistance of Ogo Maduewesi, VITSAF ED.

We went on field visit to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH Skin Clinic where we met also with Dermatologists from Lagos General Hospital. It was a very interesting meeting as collaboration plans were discussed and contrary to ‘us’ patients belief that they are not interested in our condition and challenges, they bared it all to us as regards the challenges they are facing.

Unfortunately, there is no single technology nor a qualified Dermatology Nurse in any of the Skin Clinic or Dermatology Department in the whole of Nigeria. Treatments options are not being explored due to challenges they face, there is no UV light not even one in any of the clinics. This is an area we as a foundation is really working on present. See the visit in pictures.