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Active Vitiligo Support in Africa

Walk for Skin Health (WASH)

Walk for Skin Health (WASH) – is an annual event and initiative of VITSAF, dedicated to skin diseases/conditions awareness & enlightenment for a better understanding of the numerous skin conditions that affect millions of lives in Nigeria and Africa yet underestimated and neglected. And to fundraise to help alleviate numerous problems affecting Skin Health such as misdiagnosis, psychosocial and psychological effect, helpful products and supplements, absolute support and to encourage research etc.)

General Objective of Walk For Skin Health is:

  • To create much needed awareness and enlightenment campaign on Skin Health as well as skin care in Nigeria and
  • To rouse challenges of Dermatology in Nigeria.

Specific Objectives are:

  • To establish skin diseases and skin care awareness/enlightenment campaign for a better understanding of the numerous skin conditions/diseases that affect millions of lives in Nigeria.
  • To educate and enlighten Nigerians on basic Skincare
  • To draw attention and awaken medical community's consciousness to Skin Health
  • To raise the profile of psychological and psychosocial impact of skin diseases/conditions and skin imperfections amongst both health sector and the general public.
  • To awaken challenges of Dermatology in Nigeria inadequate qualified Dermatologists and absence of Dermatology Nursing in Nigeria
  • To advocate and campaign for Policy changes as regards Skin Health in Nigeria
  • To fundraise for different Skin conditions/diseases and encourage start-up of support groups of different skin conditions