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Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) announces its re-launch of Vitiligo 'Project 1,000'

Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) announces its re-launch of Vitiligo 'Project 1,000'

Release Date: 
May 30, 2011

Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) announces its re-launch of Vitiligo Project 1,000 Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) announces the re-launch of its Project 1,000 a fundraising project to raise funds for its operation, huge projects and replications. According to the Executive Director, Ogo Maduewesi, Project 1,000 is a strategic fundraising project where we appeal and anticipate for voluntary donations of minimum of N 1,000 from individuals and all stakeholders to the Vitiligo cause. Vitiligo is a multifactorial skin depigmenting disorder with an etiology (the cause and progress of the disorder) not well understood. Most devastating for the patient with Vitiligo are the social, psychological, emotional and sexual ramifications of these disfiguring disorders.

We truly offer desired help and a shoulder to lean on! We are appealing for funds for our pressing Needs to carry out our projects and replication of our work across Africa. Because we believe in everyday people, we are appealing for minimum of N1, 000 from everyone to enable us impact more lives positively as truly our work goes beyond just persons with Vitiligo, but anyone with image alteration (the disfigured) etc. With many Vitiligo patients responding poorly to the current therapies, the negative effects, struggle on how to live with such disfiguring conditions in a society where it is still misunderstood due to beliefs, we are directing more focus to the following with the funds -:

Setting up our one stop place for Vitiligo (for West Africans) a state of the art Vitiligo Resource Centre for Vitiligo, General Skin Health, the disfigured to improve non-medical consequences of Vitiligo that include, make-ups & camouflages, self-image support, Vitiligo lifestyle products, to name a few.

  • Securing and running our Secretariat
  • Extensive Awareness, Enlightenment and Education
  • Establishing VITSAF Vitiligo Support Groups (VVSG) offices in 6geopolitical zones in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya
  • General Operating Support

Ogo Maduewesi, the Executive Director calls on everyone, philanthropic concerned members of the public to please support us with a minimum of N1, 000. We have tried to make it easy for everyone to donate online with ATM cards on Donations, it's highly secured and safe. One can also make direct deposit into our GTBank Acc name – Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation, Acc No. 213 775274 110 and for Dollar – 213 775274 210 VITSAF is a not-for-profit patient driven organisation incorporated in Nigeria and working around Africa, concerned and passionate about Blacks turning White. The only Vitiligo, Skin and the Disfigured focused organisation in West Africa presently.

The Foundation was founded about three years ago with intending headquarters in Abuja, field office in Lagos, Vitiligo Support group offices in six geopolitical zones across West Africa and beyond. I hope you will JOIN us as we unite our collective Voices and Resources. Even though there are many endeavours upon us, we are confident that together we will succeed in accomplishing our goals.