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Why must Vitiligo be given due attention?

Overtime I have been told by people, I really don't see reasons why persons living with Vitiligo should be traumatized & stigmatized, it's just a change in skin color... One of the persons who said this overtime to me could not step out of her house to go to work someday because she got acne on her face, I didn't understand when she told me that go out with that acne bulging (you needed to see the size) out of her chin. I didn't really understand because she has said overtime that there is nothing in looks and that she sees nothing one should fret about concerning Vitiligo, when I asked her what she would've done if she got Vitiligo, probably she won't go to work ever in her life. She lost it and asked me how can I ever wish her Vitiligo? This is just one out of many.

Vitiligo is one condition that people do not really understand the impact, not only does it disfigure, its one condition that usually leaves it sufferers in misery, bondage and pains, People look at you and tell you I don't know what you are bothered about yet they don't want to make friends. A condition that usually starts out of the blues, everything will be just normal and suddenly there is a white spot that is usually being ignored then the journey of white spots blending into patches and so it continues, at times takes over completely and at times in huge patches depending on the pattern that has visited one.

Vitiligo, in spite of not being a rare disease, of being classified as a disease by the WHO (World Health Organization), is one of the most psychologically, psycho-socially and emotionally devastating chronic skin condition, with a major impact on both patients and their families, Vitiligo is still today underrated and underestimated. Still today there are dermatologists who minimize the impact of the disease, who trivialize the condition or deceive patients' expectations, leaving them vulnerable to therapies not proven effective. More reason so many living with it has resorted to self medication of trial and errors. Can you blame me for marrying natural therapies and home remedies which I have come to find out is actually the way to go now?

Till you experience it or find of yours in the situation where you are being stigmatized silently, misunderstood, segregated upon, stared at and at times ridiculed for a condition you have no hand on how it came about, don't have any help nor control over, you wouldn't feel or understand how hard it can be for one to struggle to live as if all is well in the midst of trials, challenges & difficulties such as Vitiligo. Vitiligo has left people rejected by their loved ones, destroyed beautiful relationships out of ignorance, yearning for physical beauty and going by the surface (before you judge, you might do worse). Women are more vulnerable to this as we live in a society where men comes has it all going for them in relationships and marriage, when it happens to them the women are advised to stay and carry the burden with them but the other way round, it's usually out of all the women in the world I can't be trapped with this white and black thing.

Not so many people will be able to handle or live with this segregation, being stared at daily with comments and annoying explanations to what they see Vitiligo as. People have committed and attempted suicide, others have resorted to in-door living for the rest of their life, others move around living in misery, agony and in bondage of vitiligo.

What can a man who is emotionally and psychologically dead offer himself and the economy?

Blog Date: 
September 18, 2010