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Who do we believe?

Internet is such a blessing to man that it has made things so easy for us all, from trying to find the color of a street in a Country you have not been before and probably will not visit, to finding great friends, to volunteers, to mentors, to great resources for health, to finding individuals going through same problems, to whatever you are researching on... is endless.

Narrowing it down to healthy eating, who do we believe? How do we know who is right and who's wrong? Today you read that Soy milk is great, tomorrow another blogger, researcher or medical personnel writes that there is nothing good about it, you read about great benefits of certain food today and tomorrow it's the worst thing. My question – are some health practitioners at war with each other?

I remember my early days of Vitiligo, we had just had an early morning TV program (I and two Dermatologists), and went into a nearby eatery for breakfast; I was just starting to manage my Vitiligo naturally at the point. I was asked what I wanted and I enquired for fresh fruits or vegetable salad, but they didn't have and I didn't just feel like taking any other thing, so I talked with them through their breakfast. I noticed that one of them was not comfortable with me not eating; suddenly she asked me "who told you that eating fruits and vegetable will cure your Vitiligo?" I was surprised at the question, I simply answered, that's what I want to have, but she didn't end there rather went on to say, that we are always deceived with the things we read on the internet, she went on to say that fruits and vegetables cannot cure my vitiligo. I really pondered and wondered if my Right to give my body what it likes more and what I want to give it disappears with living with vitiligo. Is it really the duty of a Doctor to choose what I eat for me, what I read or how I choose to live my life? I thought they were meant to advice, guide and work with information given to them as regards health. I needed attention and patient care for my skin condition from her, and not about what I wanted to eat.

On Vitiligo as a condition there are endless "eat and don't eat" list on the internet and people are really confused, there are much herbal remedies all coming with their diet list, one most controversial "don't eat/take" for Vitiligo is Vitamin C, I have been asked severally by people (as am a great advocate of managing vitiligo naturally and nutritionally) if Vitamin C is good and should be taken., unfortunately I am not a Doctor, but from my understanding and information gathered, basic Vitamin are VitB12 & Folic Acid, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is high in antioxidant, if vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder, then antioxidant should be a great part of our diet as it is a sure way of fighting free radicals that brings about the autoimmune reaction. For the acidic nature of it as many claims, thought that food goes through some processes with some enzyme transforming them to some things, again is orange the only source of Vitamin C?

Recently I bumped on an article on Facebook titled 'Why I Stopped Drinking Green Smoothies' which talked against drinking green smoothies, I couldn't help but wonder. I got introduced to juicing dark green vegetables through my search on managing Vitiligo naturally and oh good God; it has been awesome, it's the best that has happened to my body. I notice the difference anytime I go off it for some flimsy reasons like time to re-stock, power to blend and juice. I said flimsy because I have devised a means to making them manually to an extent. I get back to it every now and then and really want to take it beyond me to anyone who wants to learn more about it and change their eating habits to a healthier one of plant based-nutrition VogoHealthies. I hope to live up to this someday soon, really challenging with much on the plate to attend to.

The argument on the article is that by juicing or the smoothies, you are missing out the fiber, it contains more calories... I sure know that people go on juice fast for cleansing, losing weight and for different reasons, but how many individuals do live on juicing? It goes hand in hand, we juice, we eat plant based food and we cook. Can we really eat enough if we are to just eat and chew fruits and vegetable? I personally do not like eating/chewing apple and carrot, but can have a jar of it when juiced or in smoothie. Like I am sharing my opinion and understanding here, I simply think that article is about one man's opinion and understanding too.

My thoughts and belief is that you make the food the way you enjoy it (but not cooking when you ought to be eating raw or overcooking when you ought to slightly cooking) so you can have it much more with great benefits. Are we really expected to force ourselves to eat certain things in a particular way because someone feels it's best? In juicing and smoothies people come up with their own recipes, it works in different ways for people and that does not make it the supposed or the right way. Try yours and see what works best for you and yours.

Again I wonder atimes at the claims too that certain fruits eg Avocado and Banana are fattening, my belief anytime any day is that I can't go wrong with plant based foods, I should be worried about pesticide and it being genetically processed. People should be guided in way it will be easy for them to live a healthy life, 5to7 servings of fruits and vegetable a day is what professionals advise, if I can afford it, I will do it if not, I let my body know that I have given it what I can afford for the day and it will works with it perfectly.

I started having serious pains on my knees and foot in 2007 that I couldn't walk at some point, couldn't use the stairs without my hands, running was totally out of it, it was a terrible experience, I was scared and didn't know what it was not until 2010 that it was diagnosed arthritis (yes didn't see a Doctor for that long and do not know why). It really pays to be informed, it struck me immediately that arthritis is an autoimmune disorder too, I researched more and resolved to eat healthier, gave up wheat and all that contains gluten which isn't good for me and vitiligo too, increased my juicing, fruits and dark green veggies, water therapy, devised exercises that works for me so I don't overstress the muscles and worked on me internally (very important). Till date, I have not taking any Glucosame or any other tablet for it, I am a lot better, and I have managed it fairly well... I can run, my legs are back though not completely as it goes with slight pains every now and then, but it has improved tremendously.

What am I saying in essence?
Our problem is that we are not informed, we wait for someone to research, study and share with us which is not totally bad, but we need to read with our personal understanding and share with our personal understanding too, when we read or explore further on that we have been told, we get deeper meaning and understanding. If we are informed, we can't be pushed about easily with so much information out there.

Whoever you choose to believe, there is a part for you to play, do not leave everything entirely for someone to read and decide for you, that's why we are blessed with discerning spirit, put yours to use.

Get informed! Live Positively!

Blog Date: 
May 31, 2012