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Self- Love and Self-Acceptance a myth?

When we talk about self-love, it usually sounds vain especially in our society where we have misunderstood so much due to religion and cultural beliefs. Putting in a simpler way, straightway self-love is an aftermath of self-acceptance because it is when we have accepted something that we love or is it possible to love what we do not accept?

For some reasons and excessive demand of the society, humans are disassociating from themselves by day, worrying just about every little thing even worrying about not breathing in a particular style. My question is who sets this standard and who approved them to be standard setters? It is hard for persons without visual appearance challenged; the ones with unusual visual appearance are actually not included anywhere, the media and the fashion industry have not helped matters too.

Here I ask, why should we continue to let a standard set by someone whom if we get close to may not be worth our time at all, but because the society has a way of making those of us who do not know ourselves worry about imperfection that does not exist. Yes when the imperfection is not our making and we cannot do anything about it, it does not exist, it is just the way it is like any other. The society tries to set standard of ideal height, ideal foot, ideal shoe size, ideal body shape, ideal talking pattern, ideal way of looking, of walking, running, standing even when we have different body sizes, postures, shapes, different orientation and from different origins its endless as if any of these can be achieved by human effort without any adverse effect or losing something natural to achieve it.

The craziest is body weight, yes I was worried about my weight few months ago because I was feeling sick, I had never gotten to that size and suddenly bloated up, though noticed two things from my journey to that point, in managing my Vitiligo naturally and as I researched about, I had found out that I have had indigestion problems all my life which suddenly corrected and took me unawares, so foods I used to eat that comes out to the extent I chewed it when I excrete, suddenly started digesting fully. It affected my total well-being, fatigue, knee pains and all of that increased, I knew without seeking any Doctors advise that I had to get back fully to my healthy eating, cleansing and exercises, I did mostly with my raw plant-based nutrition and not planning one bit to retrace again. Today it has lead me to my new social enterprise VogoHealthies, it has taken off with little campaign. I shared this because I had a reason to get healthier as I know the importance and not wait till am wheeled into an ambulance.

But what's truly our reason for most of the things we are obsessed about? A musician comes out with a particular body shape (she maybe so uncomfortable with) and because she breaks through everybody starts working to be that, why don't we work to get ourselves to be whom someone else wants to be?

Self-Acceptance is accepting self wholly, the flaws (if you see any in you), the fat legs, the unshaped nose, the short fingers etc. when it is about the ones you can change like getting a toned arm, laps, flat tummy then we work towards it instead of hating and rejecting self. Funnily hating and rejecting self has never changed that thing we do not want rather it worsens it even our Vitiligo. I would rather take my time and understudy certain therapy that helps Vitiligo and choose one to follow for atleast a year before taking decisions to move to another. It would be worth it that hating the body that carries you about, bringing you the achievements, giving you life and taking care of all your inners. Ever thought of what it would be like if the body gets angry and says no to you someday? When we love someone we go out of our way to do everything to make him happy, why can't we do same for self? We accept the opposite sex the way they are especially when we see what we want in them, why can't we then accept self the way we are for better living and greater productivity?


Blog Date: 
February 12, 2012