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Celebrating Women living with Vitiligo & altered images

March 8, 2014
Celebrating Women living with Vitiligo & altered images

The skin is the most visible organ of the human body; hence any visible imperfection apparently instinctively affects an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem. We live in a world deeply invested with the idea of physical beauty. Having an unusual visual appearance and skin imperfections, especially a chronic one like Vitiligo, can be particularly difficult in a society that places a strong emphasis on physical appearance, and one in which we are constantly exposed to images of the idealized ‘perfect’ body and face.

Strategic Vision and Mission Statement for the new phase

August 12, 2013

Strategic Vision and Mission Statement for the new phase

As we work towards our 5th anniversary, we have reviewed and positioning ourselves for the next phase. We have tried it in several ways, what we thought was the greatest need we found out we cannot tackle the way we thought especially setting up a treatment center.
Its has become very clear that Social Exclusion and no Rights especially to health, Social Life and dignity is a critical area that we really need to give attention as we work towards our set goals and objectives.

Laser Florence 2013 Scholarships for Dermatologists

August 11, 2013

Requirements to participate and submit the application:

Scholarships will be available to dermatologists, in private practice or at University Centers, and residents or registrant Dermatology Training Programs, under 40 years of age Candidates must be nominated by their dermatologic society and obtain an official letter of recommendation.

How to submit a Scholarship application:


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