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World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2016 - WALK IN OUR SHOES Weekend campaign

World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2016 - WALK IN OUR SHOES Weekend campaign

March 25, 2016
WALK IN OUR SHOES VITSAF World Vitiligo Day Weekend campaign
WALK IN OUR SHOES VITSAF World Vitiligo Day Weekend campaign

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WALK IN OUR SHOES for World Vitiligo Day, June 25, 2016
Lagos, Nigeria – March 25, 2016.

World Vitiligo Day June 25, 2016 activities, the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF invites everyone to wear temporary white tattoos on June 24 - 26, 2016 weekend to raise awareness of the skin condition Vitiligo. It is an appearance challenge non-communicable, chronic, misunderstood and underestimated condition.

Walk in our Shoes Campaign
This is easy to do and will get people talking and enquiring, so we call on you and your friends, family, colleagues, supporters, stakeholders partners etc... kindly join in.
You are encouraged to wear and display the tattoo especially at the exposed area of the body all weekend: whether travelling, at work, playing, with friends, in a Social gathering, Church or just anywhere, at work, in church, at social gatherings. and however you find convenient and comfortable.
I am so excited as I cant really wait to find our huge supporters supporting us again and this time walking in our shoes. People have said overtime, 'I dont see anything wrong with individuals living Vitiligo, now is not test time, but to Walk it and share their feelings to the World and thereby giving courage, love, support and acceptance to those living with Vitiligo and appearance/body image challenges.

The public are encouraged to share their experiences through the ‘How I feel’ campaign on social media using the hashtag #howifeelvitiligo.
How did it feel to be stared at? Did they get many questions about their appearance?
Walk in Our Shoes is for awareness and for donation.

About Vitiligo
Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterised by a sudden loss of melanin from the skin, resulting in pigment discoloration. Less than 2% of the population suffer from Vitiligo. Though the condition is neither life-threatening nor contagious, it can have a devastating effect on life.

About VITSAF.org
Founded in Nigeria by OgoMaduewesi, the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation is a not-for-profit, patient–driven, patient-advocate organization passionately concerned about the rights and social well-being of individuals living with Vitiligo in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping ameliorate the agony people suffer as a result of turning from black to white.
VITSAF founder OgoMaduewesi

VITSAF`s vision is a world in which every vitiligo and altered image patient attains the right to dignity, health, social inclusion and participation.

VITSAF`s mission to improve the quality of life of individuals and families living with Vitiligo by providing support, awareness, education, and advocacy.
``Since our organisation’s initiation in Nigeria 6 years ago, we have been touching lives and renewing hearts of those diagnosed with Vitiligo,`` says Ms. Maduewesi. ``We are excited about the Walk in Our Shoes campaign, an opportunity for the larger world to see and feel the unfair discrimination and social stigma that individuals living Vitiligo have to endure.``

For more information about the Walk in Our Shoes campaign or to order tattoos and register support, please visit http://www.vitsaf.org/content/world-vitiligo-day-june-25 or email vitsupng@gmail.com.